The Early Years (1974-1981)

Grab Bag

This page is a “catch all” for interesting documents, memos, letters, statements or anything else attached to the early years of Firefall.

Cover Letter

This is a cover letter for a package of graphs, tables and charts that show proposed terms for a new Firefall contract. The letter is from lawyer Michael "Mickey" Shapiro to, then band manager, Mick Fleetwood. Gabriele Arras, who worked for Mick Fleetwood and Fleetwood Mac road manager John Courage.

Paycheck Stub

David Muse’s paycheck stub from Atlantic Records for 10/27/1078.

Tour Jacket

Silk tour jacket presented to the members of Firefall from Atlantic Records.

Japan Jam Program

A few pages from the official Japan Jam program

Firefall / Kenny Loggins Hat

“Trucker” hat for 11/20/1978 concert


String Arrangement

Original score for the string arrangement used in “Wrong Side of Town”, which appeared on the Elan album.

Firefall Gear

Tambourine from the first Firefall practice studio in Boulder, Colorado. David Muse picked it up as the band was leaving the studio for the last time.

Road Case

Road case for David Muse’s horns. He stuck old passes all over this case.

Firefall Pin

Decorative Firefall pin

Gold & Platinum Records

RIAA sales awards

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