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This site was created as an online companion to the printed publication, Firefall, The Early Years (1974-1981). During the editing phase of the book, we quickly realized that we had more information than could fit into a reasonably-sized printed publication. Moving these items online allows us nearly unlimited storage space, as well as an opportunity to include links to images, articles, resources and many other items not well-suited for a small, paperback book.

If you’re new to the website, the TOUR ARCHIVE page is a good place to start. It’s where you’ll find the most content. Links attached to each date lead to ticket stubs, concert ads, posters, reviews and much more. Please take a look around and let us know your thoughts.

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Are you one of those fans who read liner notes on every album you own? Digs through articles for little-known trivia? Mines the Internet for rare releases or collectibles? If so, this book is for you. It includes enough details, facts and trivia to keep any Firefall fan busy for hours. Included is an album chart history, a tour archive, details about recordings, pictures and much more. It was written as a companion publication to this website with some information only appearing in the printed publication and other details online.

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Jock and Mark photographed during the Japan Jam show in August of 1979. Posted to the website PHOTO page.

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While we’ve been able to amass a large collection of Firefall-related stuff for this website, there are still a lot of missing bits we’d like to find. If you remember a show we’ve missed, still have a ticket stub from a show long ago or basically know anything we don’t, please consider becoming a contributor. We’ll post your contribution on the website and, if you like, we’ll tag it with your name so everyone will know where it came from. Consider this crowd-sourced research. Just send an email detailing what you have to and we’ll get right back to you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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