The Early Years (1974-1981)

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Treasure Hunting

I learned a long time ago that rock stars don’t see things the same way we civilians do. For example, some cool collectible or memorabilia might get tossed in the trash without realizing it’s worth to a true fan. Case in point…….I was recently helping Dave Muse move some stuff he had stored away when we came across a box of old paperwork. His first instinct was to toss it but I insisted on going through it first. To my surprise, I found a letter from the band’s lawyer to Mick Fleetwood (who was acting as the band’s manager at the time), a letter congratulating Dave on his first gold record and a package that contained a complete string arrangement for “Wrong Side of Town” from the Elan album. Don’t panic, I didn’t let him toss it and have it safely in my office. I promise to keep my eye out for other great stuff.

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