The Early Years (1974-1981)


 The Agora, May (?), 1976

Presented by WMMS-FM as part of their “Night Out at the Agora” series. The recording of this show was broadcast at a later date. So far, we have not been able to determine the exact date of this show. Some accounts show it as May 8, 1976 but we have documentation that shows Firefall was performing at Carnegie Hall in New York with Roy Buchanan on May 8. The radio introduction mentions the show was taped on a Monday night. Based on other confirmed shows in May, this narrows the possibilities to May 10, 17 or 24.


  1. WMMS Introduction

  2. It Doesn’t Matter

  3. Cinderella

  4. Livin’ Ain’t Livin’

  5. Love Isn’t All

  6. No Way Out

  7. Sunny Day

  8. She is a Song

  9. You Never Know

  10. Colorado

  11. Two Lovely Women


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